Aphrodisiacs. Pleasure for all senses

What turns guys on? The only remedy (other than Viagra) with scientifically proven effectiveness is the smell of fresh donuts. With women, everything is much more complicated. What types of aphrodisiacs exist?

1. Strange love dishes
The list of aphrodisiacs is surprisingly long. In fact, if you dig deep enough, almost all of it consists of edible products, although some vegetables, such as rutabaga and black radish, do not taste quite pleasant. Garlic is also difficult to take seriously as an aphrodisiac, as it has an aroma that will not allow a partner to get even a meter closer.
Other exotic curiosities, such as: powdered rhino horn, zebra tongue and tiger penis, are not used as an aphrodisiac in the 21st century for ethical reasons. And where do you get a tiger in our time? Only if in the zoo.
In traditional Chinese medicine, many herbs are used as aphrodisiacs. In North Africa, there is a tincture on the skin of a lizard, which has been associated with sexual power since ancient times. No one knows why. Perhaps because of the lizard’s extraordinary ability to regenerate a lost tail.
In Vietnam and China, they can offer to drink cobra blood along with alcohol. It is cheaper than the recommended Arab ambergris (ars amandi ambergris) excretion from the digestive tract of a sperm whale. For a gram of this mucus, you can pay from 25 to 50 dollars.
All travel lovers should pay attention to the fact that if there is some strange dish on the plates, it does not mean that there is a goal to poison them. Most likely, this dish is intended to seduce a person. What could it be:
• bull testicle soup (with the addition of bull penises, onions and carrots),
• cobra stew,
• soup from the nests of salangans (birds from the strizhin family) is one of the most expensive dishes in the world, and, according to Chinese beliefs, it is able to resurrect the dead,
• turtle eggs in Mexico serve to awaken lust in women. The belief in their effectiveness is one of the reasons why sea turtles are endangered,
• deep-fried tarantulas – Cambodian love dish,
• a balut is a boiled duck egg in which a fruit with plumage, cartilage and a beak has already formed,
• durian is the most smelly fruit in the world, the smell of which can resemble the smell of rotten meat, dirty socks or cheese with mold,
• puffer fish in the case of this dish, the line between the desire to fall in love and poisoning is extremely thin, because the fish itself is full of poison, many times stronger than cyanide. When it is cooked, almost all the poison is removed, so that those who eat it will feel only a slight numbness of the lips, palate and cheeks. It is believed that this numbness increases sexual arousal,
Completing this list of bizarre love dishes, it is impossible not to mention the Spaniard. This is not a fly or a Spanish woman, but a small greenish beetle found – contrary to its name – in Russia. To excite, a powder from dried insects is introduced. It contains cantharidin, a poison that affects nerve endings. In a dose of 10 to 30 mg causes death. The body copes with smaller amounts by removing the poison through the kidneys along with urine, and then cantharidin irritates only the nerve endings of the penis, which is sometimes perceived as a sign of arousal.
Less serious side effects include testicular inflammation and dysentery, and more serious side effects include death, because the therapeutic dose is practically indistinguishable from the lethal one.

2. Aphrodisiac for pigs
Truffles contain androstenol and androsterone – substances that give these mushrooms a characteristic smell. It is for this reason that both ingredients are included in the perfume for pigs called «Boat Mate» – a spray used by farmers in artificial insemination.
Does it affect people? Androsterone, the result of testosterone conversion, is a male sex hormone. Androstenol, on the other hand, is a porcine sex hormone that occurs in humans – more precisely, in young men – only in adolescence.
Both of these substances, together with their related androstadienone, are part of perfumes with pheromones, widely advertised on the covers of colorful magazines. They smell very nice – sandalwood, musk and vanilla, but there is no scientific evidence that these perfumes can cause arousal. The study showed that androstadienone is odorless in male sweat, blood and semen,
Speaking of smells. Another study has shown that the licorice fragrance has also been the strongest aphrodisiac for several thousand years.
It turned out that the smell of black sweets with licorice root increased blood flow by 13% in the penis, the aroma of doughnuts was three times more effective, and pumpkin or apple pie – by 40%. Considering that the smell of women’s perfume only increased male arousal by 3%, we can say that there is scientific proof of the old saying – through the stomach to the heart.
And what about Zhenin? Based on the study, the ladies reacted with delight to the bouquet of sweet and cucumber flavors. Nevertheless, the cherry flavor significantly reduced vaginosis.
There is no exact evidence that any dishes increase sexual desire. With the exception of one single food that is not suitable for a romantic dinner is milk. However, it is worth noting that breast milk has an unusual effectiveness. A study was conducted, as a result of which, women who regularly sniffed smears soaked in milk and axillary secretions of nursing mothers experienced a much greater desire for sex, richer erotic fantasies and received more pleasure from contact with their regular partner than their control colleagues.

3. Masculinity sticks out like asparagus
Against the background of Far Eastern and African delicacies, European aphrodisiacs do not look so frightening. For example, there is no habit of eating penises of other animals. However, it is said that people often eat something that may resemble a sexual organ.
1) Asparagus is not the best representation of the shape of the male penis, however, back in the seventeenth century, this relationship was noticed.
2) Oysters, in turn, resemble female genitals. They do contain zinc, which is also part of testosterone and accumulates in semen. But pumpkin seeds contain the same amount (if not more) of zinc.
3) Watermelon, according to the latest data, acts as Viagra. Watermelon contains citrulline, which has a beneficial effect on the immune and circulatory systems – just like viagra, it dilates blood vessels and improves blood flow. However, it is worth noting that most of the citrulline is in its white-green inedible part.
4) Chocolate has definitely a good «love» reputation. In fact, the phenylethylamine present in it improves mood and causes euphoria, but to achieve any measurable effect, you need to eat a lot of chocolate and not everyone is ready for it.
5) Chili pepper contains capsaicin, which accelerates the heartbeat, breathing, blood flow and makes you feel hot, just like good sex.

4. Viagra and herbal analog
Aphrodisiacs increase sexual desire. And what about those who struggle with a violation of potency? In such cases, medicine recommends a well-proven ITS herbal analogue is yohimbine, an alkaloid that was once obtained from the African medicinal yohimba tree, niando tree, quebrajo and a number of other plants that are now produced synthetically.
Yohimbine stimulates the erection center in the spinal cord, causing an erection, and increases sperm ejaculation. This is a proven drug that increases potency, although in healthy people it does not cause enhanced, additional sexual sensations.